South Security have a wide range of surveillance solutions from HD TVI to IP cameras, which offer 24hr colour HD pictures.

We have easy to use and fast data recovery Video Management Software to standalone Network Recorders.

We can set up any system to allow you access from anywhere in the world.

We provide a range of high performing security camera systems for surveillance purposes for both the retail and business sectors. Incorporating end-to-end CCTV monitoring is an effective way to augment your existing alarm and fire systems as well as other existing security applications such as intercom systems. We have an established industry reputation for providing premium security solutions and customer service that sets the industry standard. 


Our video surveillance systems cater for every property from residences and small businesses to high-end commercial buildings. Most of our video products feature digital IP – this enables you to clearly identify people and articles of interest in any situation.


We use ColorVu Technology, ColorVu Cameras’ powerful ability to capture details in low lighting comes from two specific breakthroughs in hardware technologies: advanced lenses and high-performance sensors. Coupled with a supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios, ColorVu cameras guarantee video with colorful details when you need them.



IP Surveillance

Made Simply

Nx Witness VMS is an open IP video management system (IPVMS) designed to find, view, record and manage IP video cameras as well as integrate quickly with 3rd party systems and devices.

  • Cloud Enabled
  • Smart Video Search
  • Automatic Failover
  • Video Analytics
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Recording
  • One Click Upgrades
  • No Support Fees
  • Play Offline Media
  • Free Live Streaming



ColorVu Camera vs. Conventional Camera


We use AcuSense technology which helps you to focus on human and vehicle events in two ways: the device will only trigger an alarm when the preset intrusion type (human or vehicle) takes place, and videos related to alarm events are sorted into human and vehicle categories for easier footage searches.





Accurate Alarms for Humans and Vehicles

Users can focus on alarms triggered by humans and vehicles while false alarms triggered by small animals or other irrelevant objects are vastly reduced.





Visual and Auditory Warning

On-site response and deterrence methods using visual and customisable auditory warnings add another layer of protection.




Search Targets Quickly by Type

Video clips are sorted by human and vehicle categories, and object classification vastly improves search efficiency.



Benefits of the CCTV Installation in Your Buildings and Organisation

  • Reduce vandalism with visible surveillance cameras and signs acting as a deterrent. 
  • Significantly cut employee theft with the knowledge of being viewed and recorded. 
  • Reduce the probability of theft and shoplifting. 
  • A reduction in break and enters due to the visual element of the security camera systems. 
  • Provide your organization the evidence it needs for any important litigation. 
  • Visual video recording of incidents that relate to work health and safety, including slips, trips, falls, breaks, threats and intrusion. 
  • Remote viewing of the building or workplace for monitoring, allowing flexible workplace arrangements. 
  • Ability to provide verification on alarms without costly patrols and alarm response personnel on the premises. 
  • Assist in determining the cause of and minimising compensation claims.
  • Monitoring of employees can assist employees in ways to improve. productivity and ways to improve safety,  thus, making a more efficient and safer workplace for all.